Sailing route 2

Northern & Middle Cyclades

The Cycladic islands are the quinessential Greek islands that everyone loves with stunning sunsets and beautiful beaches galore. Our suggested sailing route for the northern and middle islands of the Cyclades takes in the relaxed islands of Serifos and Kythnos, the popular Paros and the more cosmopolitan islands of Syros and Kea (or Tzia).

A brief description of the islands and their highlights are included below.

The islands in detail ...


Being only an hour or so from Athens means Kea has plenty of holiday homes and an established industry to serve all comers.

The main marina is at Voukouri where there are usually plenty of sailors haveing some food, drink and relaxation.

A visit to Ioulida is worth the trip where you will enter the town through the main gates (no cars allowed).

Once there the small museum is worth a visit as is the 15 minute or so walk out to see the famous smiling lion of Kea, a strange stone statue of a lion with a somewhat unclear history.

For those with more time, a trip out to see the ancient ruins at Karthea is also recommended.


The capital of Syros, Ermoupolis is a lovely town to visit with a number of old Orthodox and Catholic churches to visit and plenty of small roads and sea views to explore and appreciate.

The town is also home to the famous Syros Casino, for those that like that kind of thing! The marina at Finikas is pleasant and relaxed with all amenities you will need.


Paros is the second largest island in the Cyclades and is the classic Aegean island with miles of great beaches and clear waters and lots of traditional white houses.

The main town of Parikia has many good cafes and tavernas and more than enough bars to satisfy the night owls. Archaeological Museum of Paros is also found in Parikia, as is the interesting Byzantine Museum.


Serifos is a wonderfully relaxed island with a large amount of sheltered bays and beautiful beaches for the sun, sand and sea lovers.

The main village Chora is found up in the mountains with great views on show from the church found right up at the top! Chora also has a couple of small museums and many small cafes ideal for a quick tsipouro or cool beer.


A popular island for greek tourists in the know, Kythnos is also a relaxed Cycladic paradise with georgeous beaches and clear waters .

Sightseeing places of note include the Castle of Oria, the Katafiki Cave and a number of churches and monastaries. Kythnos really is a beautiful island!